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Building Management Systems is a ‘Green Building’ systems provider, offering building and industrial automation systems and renewable energy solutions for governmental, commercial, industrial, residential buildings and home infrastructure projects.

Our product portfolio and expertise help our customers and communities in improving their business efficiency, reducing their operating costs, optimizing their energy usage, and ultimately increasing their profitability.


Building Management Systems was founded as a single source solution for environmental control, automation, life-safety and energy management systems for the commercial, institutional and industrial sectors, offering recognized BAS systems such as intelligent building automation systems, smart home automation systems, room automation systems, car park management systems, security systems, fire systems, lighting systems, public display systems, and others.

We are committed to Open Systems. Representing multiple product lines utilizing LonWorks and BACnet communications protocols allows us to maintain an objective perspective when designing and implementing solutions for our clients. In addition, this depth of representation allows us to implement transition plans which bring clients forward out of proprietary systems into open systems while protecting their existing investments.

We are a group of professionals with a great wealth of experience & deep knowledge of industry requirements; we possess the capability of offering engineering consultants and developers total turnkey solutions for individual projects from beginning to end such as:



To maintain leadership in our field, Building Management Systems places strong emphasis on in-house and overseas training for our staff to keep abreast of up-to-date development and to maintain our specialist proficiency in serving our clients. Training at different levels is also provided to our clients to facilitate their maximum utilization of our solutions and benefit from the systems which they have implemented.




We provide services in the field of Instrumentation and Control Systems Engineering, Design, Consultancy, Contracting and Field services ad other related engineering services.

For industrial and infrastructure projects we offer process automation solutions for a variety of applications - such as C
ogeneration Power Plants and Steam Boilers, Geothermal Power Plants, Chemical Production Plants, Paint Production Plants,
Food & Beverage Industry, Textile Industry, Tobacco Processing Plants, Potable and Wastewater Plants, Fuel handling, transfer and Storage Plants, Facility Energy Management Systems and Biodiesel Plants.



Building Management Systems was also founded to promote the efficient and ecologically use of the Renewable Energy sources that are considered to be the future of the global power generation. We provide turnkey solutions, covering consultancy, project planning, construction, technical and operational management for our customers.

We provide heating technology solutions and water heating systems. Our product range includes flat collectors, tube collectors, thermo siphon systems, swimming pool absorbers, solar stations, solar storage tanks, heat pumps, eating oil tanks, radiant heating and cooling systems, heat storage tanks, plastic fitings, control systems and energy logics.

We plan, build and operate large scale photovoltaic plants and are a specialist wholesaler for complete power plants, solar modules and accessories.

We offer a comprehensive range of services:

  • Specialist engineering design
  • Delivery of turn key renewable energy projects
  • Wholesale provision of renewable energy systems
  • Training programs and seminars
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