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We provide a complete HVAC and lighting solution for commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.

Representing multiple product lines utilizing LonWorks and BACnet communications protocols allows us to maintain an objective perspective when designing and implementing solutions for our clients. In addition, this depth of representation allows us to implement transition plans which bring clients forward out of proprietary systems into open systems while protecting their existing investments.

Using our building management software provides the operator with optimum communication between automation and
management levels.

Highlights of our product range

Pre-programmed Controllers

We offer a series of open, pre-programmed controllers for virtually every application:

  • Fan Coil Unit
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV) Terminal Boxes
  • Air Handling Units
  • Chillers, Boilers & Pumps
  • Ventilation Fans
  • Lighting Direct Digital Controllers
  • General Purpose Direct Digital Controllers
  • Motor Direct Digital Controllers

Using pre-programmed and pre-configured controllers simplifies installation, commissioning and future expansion, dramatically reduces implementation time, ensures proper operation, effectively reduces engineering and maintenance cost, saves time and money for System Integrators, provides reliability and peace of mind to building owners and ensures energy efficient control strategies


Universal Chiller Plant Control Solution

An application specific LonWorks DDC based system for capacity and lead/lag control of a group of chillers and necessary peripheral equipment. The system is pieced together using specific interactive modules, one for each type of equipment that makes up a chiller plant, and together with duty coordinating modules and a capacity commander module, is able to sequence all related equipment for the proper functioning of the chiller.  



  • automatically calculates cooling demand to decide the number of chillers
  • determines the sequence to maintain equal running hours and even wear & tear of each piece of equipment
  • modulates bypass valve to maintain differential pressure across supply and return headers
  • eliminates single point failures by having distributed intelligence
  • automatically avoids activating faulty equipment
  • suitable for all chiller plants

Variable Pressure Regulator

The world's first Lon device designed to optimise air distribution in Variable Air Volume (VAV) AHU systems and has
been proven to greatly reduce energy usage. This is achieved by continually adjusting static air pressure set-points of an AHU as opposed to conventional VAV AHU systems which rely on a fixed static air pressure set-point.

Key Advantages

  • AHU fan runs at lower average speeds resulting in more energy savings
  • Individual VAV boxes receive 'just enough' air flow resulting in more effective cooling in individual rooms
  • Cooling demand is met more quickly and efficiently
  • Requires no modification of existing hardware beyond installation of the device
  • Small dimensions - easy panel mount installation.
  • Huge energy savings at low installation cost
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