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We provide several specific solutions that target energy optimization and efficiency in buildings:

Chiller Plant Control

  • Energy saving
  • Increase of the system flexibility
  • Extended chiller plant life
  • Provides spare capacity for future expansion
  • Lower maintenance cost

Expected energy saving: 20-30%, without compromising comfort.

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Room Automation

By harmonizing operation of lights, air conditioning and sunblinds in each individual room / office, up to 40% of energy can be saved.

In addition, further potential for improving efficiency by fully integrating the room automation system to the BMS, coordinating production of energy with the actual demand.

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AHU Optimization

Optimises air distribution in Variable Air Volume (VAV) AHU systems thus greatly reducing energy usage. This is achieved by continually adjusting static air pressure set-points of an AHU as opposed to conventional VAV AHU systems which rely on a fixed static air pressure setpoint.

Expected energy saving: 50%, without compromising the environmental comfort.

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Ventilation optimization

For large spaces, ensuring even distribution of ventilation and temperature conditions provide considerable reductions in energy spending, in addition to improved occupants comfort


Solar water heating

Using solar energy for heating domestic water eliminates the need for electric / gas heater

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Photovoltaic panels provide electricity for small consumers. For new constructions, Photovoltaic elements can be directly incorporarted into the building structure (roof, facades , glazing ) , minimizing installation cost and aremore aesthetically

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